Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hoppy Easter

What is the Easter season without some adorable bunnies? The sketchy bunny stamp that I used for this layout totally fits the bill for adorable cuteness!

The stamp comes with the bunny facing towards the right but as you can see, I have a left facing bunny. I was able to create that bunny by using a stamp transfer reverse/mirror image technique.

First, I stamped the image using "juicy" ink onto another rubber stamp surface and then I stamped with that surface; thereby, transferring the image in a mirror manner. While it might not transfer as crisp and clean as a well stamped original, it can be sharpened up by going back over lines with a pen/marker.

Magenta products used:
Sketchy Bunny

Bird Collage Banner
Retro Alphabet
ME211 Branches & Blossoms - 10 sheets

ME212 Spring Tapestry - 10 sheets
ME216 Peacock Blue - 10 sheets


1 comment:

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

Oh my, this is just adorable!
Love how you used the large stamp for the background and colored the butterflies etc.