Friday, November 5, 2010

Do you add-to?

I made this layout during Nook U for Mahlin's Art Class.  The assignment was to create a layout using two painting mediums. I chose to Glimmer Mist the background's star rays and to paint the chipboard star.

While I liked it as is, after seeing it posted at My Scrapbook Nook, I knew that I wanted to add to it before posting it to my blog.  So here is the "add to" version.

As you can see, I needed to add a few more stars which created a visual triangle and repeated some colour element details that fit nicely as well as I decided to trim the overhanging edges of the star.

Here are a few other layouts that I felt compelled in the past months to "add to" them prior to placing them in their albums.

1. Water Pixie: There was too much space between the left photo and top of journaling area that bothered me and just didn’t sit right so I added a fussy cut damask piece.


2. Absolutely Absorbed: I added black lace in the space as I found the title cluster & photos had too much space between them.


3. Fedora Fashion:  I had always intended to add the paper pieced fedora near the title to make a visual triangle with the other two Fedora’s but I did not have the supplies needed to make it at the cottage.


I equate it to cooking. Sometimes you have to add stuff to adjust the flavour. They're all much better now and I can happily live with them. They just needed that little something.

Have you ever done an Add-to?



Tanya Tahir said...

I think your "add-ons" are perfect. Great idea. I think I should do this :)

Nenne said...

Love the changes to your ayouts, they do add that little something to them! Love the Feodora layout! perfect!