Monday, November 1, 2010

Prima October BAP

I did it! I finally got around to scrapping an older photo or should I say younger photo of my daughter.  I did not get into scrapbooking until she was around 5 years old so I have lots of baby and toddler photos to work with.  I have started to sort and gather those that I would like to scrap so that I have many to draw from when inspiration hits.  Sunday night was one of those nights when... wham... it hits you and all comes together.  I looked at the sketch...

... I looked at what Prima papers I had in my stash and (pop) a photograph came to mind and then from there I gathered the other embellishments that I thought I would like to use.

Supply list can be found Here

I love how I used the Raspberry Tea Collection and picked up the mauve of the papers and all the colours of my daughter's sweater. I loved that sweater!  There are many a picture with her in it!

I had originally intended to stitch with floss, to give the artisan shape background piece, but then the doilies came to mind and the colour and texture was perfect.  Once I started this layout, I could not stop.  The pieces just kept coming together and I am loving the results!  I hope you enjoy it too.


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