Monday, July 13, 2015

Go On... Get Messy

A while back there was an interesting post where Get Messians (that is the Get Messy Art Journaling community nick name) were sharing which brand/type of journal(s) people use. I personally use several different sizes which are all Strathmore and either watercolour paper or mixed media paper as I tend to do wet based techniques. Many other group members use Moleskines and while I have looked at these on and off for a year now (because I really like their size), I always decided that the pages just looked like they couldn't handle the media that I prefer to use. This week I was in Curry's (fav art store), when I spied this single lonely black Moleskine Notebook and you can guess who it came home with.

So as the proud new owner of a Moleskine, I created my inaugural page in this journal with a Get Messy inspired page.

Supplies: journal (Moleskine), Qor watercolours (Golden), pen (Uni-Ball), marker (Fibracolor)

I used the neat printable that DT member Nina Christensen offered up on her blog when she hosted the Get Messy Instagram account.

The journaling reads... "No Regrets... go on... it's okay... give yourself permission to... Get Messy".

I tried out watercolouring on the pages with Qor watercolour by Golden using a water brush. The pages became a bit too saturated in my attempts to move the colour around and to get the blending effect that I was going for but in the end, I didn't mind it warps and all. I will try out different techniques to get the hang of the right saturation point that I can work with in this journal.



Carole Dion said...

Love it !!

Vanessa said...

Love the clean look of your pages